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Hello all! It's Quarentine time!

So this global pandemic blows and I really feel bad for those nurses and doctors that are seeing the brunt of the situation. Knowing that they need PPE, I have switched all printing operations to making masks and faceshields.

A redesign that I did based on what I liked from a bunch of other designers.

Montana Mask

The front line using my shields!


But before I was asked to make faceshields, I had just finished up the majority of my Mandalorian prints. This is the first suit where I was using a lot of other peoples designs to finish. Here's the links to all the files that I used:


Forearms - Left - Right

Shoulders, Hand Shields, Jetpack (There were mine)

Right Leg


Mine Holder



Sling Rifle Clip

So let's start off with the helmet. Using Rop Pauza's design from my minifactory and poking all types of holes through it, I printed it out and worked into the system a fan and speaker phone.

Helmet - Raw

Speaker contraption I set up for the chin area.

Wiring the mic.

Wiring the rest of the speaker system.

On/off latching button built into the side of helmet.

Inside of helmet

Outside - Finished.

Speaker Test.


Nothing new here, just print and go.

Redesigned gauntlets so that they can be locked using pins on the inside.

Raw Print

Lock works!

Prepping the pieces for sanding. Need to get rid of the lines.

Prime Time!

Shoulders I designed.

Steel coat.

Right leg integrated with costume leather I got off of ebay.


Sewing: I purchased off of ebay this outfit:

The spare parts are next to useless but the sewing is spot on when it comes to material used. I did a lot of adjusting to get this to look and fit well.

For the shirt? I cut off the arms and sewn them to a t-shirt I like.

Pants were too big. I took them in the hard way...kind of like how you do jeans.

Nice and snug. maybe a little too snug. Well I'll try to keep my weight down.

and now to assemble the rest of the armor:

I used velcro under the straps and t-nuts and screws to attach the armor to the suit.

Used t-nuts and screws to attach the shoulder armor.

A little bit of weathering and gloss overcoat and I'd say I'm ready for holloween...just not sure which year.