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This was a project I attempted in 2008 after visiting the message boards on http://www.tfw2005.com. First, let me start off by stating that I was completely new to all of this and I would never have attempted to do this unless I had seen the awesome work everyone else contributed to these message boards. The how to's helped me out big time as well. Thanks again ptitvite, satomiblood , ALPHAMAGNUS, and frenzy rumble for the great ideas for my Dev.

***Update 8/23***
The cement truck came so I attached it and I also changed the way hook and longhaul combine providing a much stable connection. The heads from Sculptbot came today so all I need is for the ball joints to come then he will be off to the painters.

***Update 8/24***
Today, I gave him a shoulder mount canon from Unicron's chest - I need to change it a little bit more to get it where I want it. Also, I made him 2 identical pistols that can mount to his hips. One is mounted and the other is in his left hand.

***Update 9/25***
Painted him up but ran out of green paint...waiting for more to come in so that I can do touch ups. All in all I learned a lot from this combiner. Thanks again to all the other inspirations out there...you know who you are!

***Update 10/06***
I think he's as complete as I need him to be. Had a wonderful time doing this guy and i'm off to the next project...DEFENSOR!