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A few years ago I spent the better half 8 months creating Master Chief Halo Armor using paper, bondo, and all other methods. It was long and tedious and the below was the result of the old armor:

This was made before I had access to a 3D Printer. The armor weighed in at approximately 40+ lbs. and was more than exhausting to wear.

Since I now have the printer, Master Chief needs an upgrade.

The end goal of this project was to make a suit with much more definition and much less weight.

I basically started with the old pepakura files that made the original armor above and got them ready for printing. This process is tedious but not impossible. Below are some screenshots of the armor start to finish:


Since I love having a place for my phone, I fashioned a slot on a forearm to place it in:


Next, it's time to schedule the prints to be the most efficient and to work with my schedule. Overall, I was able to create this job with 8 spools of material and it took the better part of 17 days to print all the pieces.

Next, Time to assemble. Nothing new here, just time and patience and making it look relatively nice:


Next - Onto Painting. Start with a primer, sand, prime, sand, prime, basecoat of flat camo, and add airbrush black:


Some before airbrushing vs. after airbrushing shots:


After finishing the paint and attaching the clips basically the same way as I did the old suit, the results: about 10+ lbs. total vs. the original 40+lbs. A huge reduction in weight and a noticeable increase in definition.

That's it for this guy.

Next project, time to redo Dark Helmet's helmet to make it lighter. 8.5 lbs. is too much for my neck to weather for too long.