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A while back I saw some very inspiring videos from Rob Petkau of The Custom Saber Shop on how there are communities of people that build their own lightsabers. Being the huge Star Wars fan that I am, I decided that all my crafting up until now was leading me to make one of my very own. It can't just be any old one, it would have to be Luke Skywalker's from Empire strikes back/The Force Awakens.

Step one: Assemble the parts.

1) The shell of the lightsaber

2) Control board

3) LED Light for the Saber and 1" optic holder

4) Crystals

5) Brass

6) Threaded Rod (only used one of the 3)

7) 22 Gauge Wire

8) Brass Tubes

9) Brass Wood Insert

10) Blender Skills

11) Time

Step 1) Take apart the kit

Step 2) Cut the Black insert

Step 3) Drill and tap three 8/32 holes in the top going down.

Step 4) CreateBrass Rings

Step 5) Create 3D printed parts to compliment the build

Step 6) Dry fit all connections.

Step 7) Start wiring:

Step 8) Assemble outer Shell.

Step 9) Customize color and songs on the Lightsaber.