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After a failed first attempt at creating a pepakura halo helmet, I decided to see if one could be created out of the Halo 3 Legendary Edition prop that came with the video game. Below is how the helmet looks when you purchased the legendary edition version of Halo 3.

but upon closer inspection of the underside, you can tell that this helmet is far from wearable.

After gutting the inside of the helmet and using various epoxies, hot glue and bondo to secure it back together, I noticed the visor is unusable (can't see through it at all). I purchased 2 motorcycle visors like below:

Secured the firs one in place:

and overlayed a chopped up secong visor over the first to give it some depth:

I also put 2 green LED lights for accent and 4 Bright white LED's on each side to light up the room even with no lights on.

Finally I put padding and 2 battery packs on the inside of the helmet and hid 2 switches for LED controls. The helmet is confy and good to wear.

Overall, she came out very nice: