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Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and left to fester in despair, this is the picture story of how I turned my father's beaten up office into something a little nicer. The office is 3 rooms in one: A walk in closet, a bathroom, and the main office.

1) The walk in closet - There was not much to this other than cleaning out, putting up drywall, and installing moulding and trim and shelves.


2) The Bathroom was difficult as heck. I'll let the pictures speak mostly for themselves.

Note to those putting up green/black marble tile, they have an oil that gives them that dark color(serpentine). Unfortunately, this oil forces you to us an epoxy based morter - much less fun to work with than water based and at a mere $100 a bucket.

If you used a water based thinset morter, it would be a matter of time before the tiles fell off the wall. We learned that the hard way.

Each one of those smaller 4" x 4" tiles started out as a 12" x 12" one. I had to cut everything to a smaller tile pieces. The tile was purchased long ago and could no small ones were purchased for the shower. Small tiles are used in showers to prevent slipping.

Each small tile needed a bevel edge and polish like the original 12" by 12" ones.

Crown molding in the bathroom...because why not?

Don't worry, the outlet is hooked up to a gfci breaker.

Just remember kids, granite is unforgiving. Always nice to cut it a little shorter and fill in with caulk. Below is an example of what happens if you cut it too long and force it in...Blow out!

below is what an hour of persistence will get you when repairing granite with crazy glue, an accelerant, and black paint.


3) The main office...what a disaster.

After a little cleaning...

Let's start paneling the walls with mahogany.

Doors up!

Drywall an accent wall.

Remove the old flooring.

Let's see how the poly will look.

Nice, now let's build the boxes out.

Let's put up some mahogany trim.

Polyurethane the walls and doors...what a pain.

Originally put up white crown molding but it seemed...off.

Decided to paint the crown molding with a matching mahogany paint to have it blend. Needed to go light so that some streaks remained giving a wooden feel to the paint job.

Let's start the flooring.

Boy did that glue stink.

Needed to make saddles to match the flooring. 7 coats to get the exact color. 2 of stain, 2 of poly with stain, 2 of poly and one of lusterless finish.

Perfect match.

Base molding.

Dad built a cabinet for the corner.

She turned out nice.

A small 70" TV for the wall.

This office is done for now.