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So Master Chief needs a gun. The 2 choices I was leaning towards was 1: make from scratch with wood and paint or 2: take an existing nerf gun and mod it. The easier of the 2 choices was the latter. Also, if I get the modding just right, I should be able to still shoot nerf darts out of the gun.

So let's start by finding a nerf gun that remotly looks like a halo gun. Enter Picture 1 and 2 below:

Halo Sniper Rifle:

Nerf longshot:

Great, only a few things need to be done:

1) Detach the end of the rifle and add a 1" copper pipe for new barrel.

2) Create a muzzlebreak out of wood.

3) Move stabilizer legs back and lengthen with copper pipes.

4) Add a scope some other flashy nonesense and this should be all wrapped up.

Now onto the Painting which involves taping, dismanteling, and drybrushing techniques I learned when creating transformers.

and final...

Overall, this was an easy mod to do and it still fires darts pretty well. I also put a flashlight on the scope in case I need to surprise my kids at night.