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Some friends were looking to create a game for a halloween party. They stumbled upon this clip from youtube. I looked it over and thought I could give it a go. using spare wood from all around the shop, I created a basic design of a board with closed in sides and some legs that swivel outward for support.

I started with a piece of plywood:

The plywood was a low grade subfloor type of plywood so I needed to fill in all the divets and smooth at least one side of it. Enter: Ready Patch.

This stuff is basically like drywall compound but a bit stronger. Some sanding and refilling and resanding and we get this:

Next step is to frame it out. So I took some stock wood and cut slits into it.

The slits were exactly the width of the plywood I smoothed out earlier allowing for a better finish. I then framed out and painted the outside pieces of the frame.

The bottome is spaced apart just enough to get a solo cup in there if desired. I used nails as my pegs at first but switched out to cut 3" screws and bumpers on the sides.

After that, I made the legs to come out but stop at a given length with a strap so as not to fall backwards.

Next step was the pucks. You basically can not space the pegs until you have the pucks that go down the game board. I bought 3" air hockey pucks as well as made 2 wooden pucks to go down as well. They all worked pretty good.

Final step was to be able to store the pucks on the game piece without it falling off. In the back, I installed a handle so that you can lift the game with one hand. Attached to one of the eyehooks I put a piece of string with a piece of metel I bent into a loop to thread a string through.

I next drilled a hole through all the pucks so that I can thread the piece of metal through the middle of each puck.

Final storage looks like this:

And now for the resulting game:

Hope you enjoyed.