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After getting on a Marvel kick, I decided to make Thor's Hammer and see how well I could make it without wasting too much money. Using spare plywood and 3/4" pipe fittings and pipe, I got started. I know it doesn't match the movies but it's still pretty nice.

Below is what it looks like in raw form.

Painted it silver.

Sprayed the handle with contact cement, wrapped twine down and up the handle for that crisscross look, sprayed contact cement again, and wrapped it real tight with faux leather.

Still not happy with the color scheme, I decided to spray the inside of the hammer indents with a flat gray acrylic and it gave it a nice final touch.

The handle is made from strips of faux leather braided together, then 3 of those braided together again. The end cap is a brass 3/4" pipe cap that I drilled a hole through just big enough for the braid to get through but not big enough for the steel bar that holding the braid knot inside the hammer to get through.

Overall one of my favorite pieces along with Cap's Shield.