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So Master Chief needs his armor and this is quite possibly the longest build I've done in a long time. Started building in December of 2014 finishing in July of 2015. Started by working on the helmet and after seeing how well it turned out, I wanted to continue. I started by going over to www.405th.com and reading several of the threads. After you see some of the incredible things people have done, you'll start getting brave.

1) The first place they will point you to is Pepakura viewer and the Halo files to look through. After learning the program and resizing all the armor to my measurements, it was time to start printing.

2) Print on card stock and glue it all together.

3) Harden the outside with fiberglass resin.

4) Harden the inside as well with either fiberglass resin and fiberglass or a mixture of Bondo and Resin called rondo to increase stability

5) Bondo the outside of the armor to create smoother surfaces

6) Repeat the process over and over and over again.

Can't forget the boots. The separation in the middle allows for greater mobility while walking and taking the stairs.

I dressed up the boot with foam to finish

After all the work, below is my final product. Time to kick some flood butt.

And a view from the back:

Halloween at the office:


And now for fun: