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I've been saving for a while and was finally able to purchase my very own M2 3D printer from Makergear.

I chose the M2 because the printer received one of the highest reviews on the market and the support is fantastic. The price was a bit of a setback but that's why I saved. Only after the purchase do you recognize how nice this product is and how much you have to learn to create things from scratch.

There is no place for this printer except my basement and if I'm going to print with ABS plastic, I need an enclosure.

Time to build a cabinet.

Step 1: Figure the what type of enclosure to make. I needed to include the following:

1) It had to fit the printer length/width/height. 24"x24"x30" should do it.

2) I needed a drawer for tools to work on the printer (about 4") and a drawer for supplies (about 12").

3) It needs to have an exhaust fan in case it gets too hot in the enclosure

4) I need lighting.

Step 2: Buy some lumber from Home Depot (I actually had a lot of left over from past projects so I basically slapped a what I had together.

Step 3: Start assembling based on my requirements above:

The top has a box hole cut out for the exhaust fan and thermostat controller

Step 4 - Assemble window doors using the groove edge of extra wood flooring and a piece of plexiglass. See below:

Step 5 - Dry fit all pieces together

Step 6 - Start Staining

Step 7 - Assembly

Step 8 - Install electronics

Step 9 - Print Something (in this case, the housing for my internal camera)

Step 10 - Print the Millennium Falcon

Step 11 - Watch a time lapse of the Millennium Falcon print from the internally mounted camera.

The Sky's the limit now. So far, there is only one downside...and that is the downside of the Schwarts:

Designed completely from scratch and printed on my printer.

Did I mention how much 3d printing rules?