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One of projects I wanted to make for my Halloween Master Chief costume is an energy sword seen below.

I started with plexiglass and traced out a pattern.

Next I made several rectangles the same size as the template, put them all together and ban sawed the templates out as one whole piece.

Next step, I etched out lightning in the middle piece using a dremel. I then glued all the pieces together leaving a channel for LED lights.

Next step, I need a handle. I took a 1" pvc pipe

and heated it until I could shape it into an oval.

Next step was to cut that handle down the center and notch the ends for the blades. I then epoxied the LED lights into the channels.

I finished off filling the channels with hot glue.

I also took apart a force FX lightsaber like this one:

Next step, Layout all the electronics:

Solder and organize:

I added a metal bar to the tip of the weapon to stabilize the end. Otherwise, it would wiggle back and forth while you handled it. Next, secure the cover, and light it up:

And here's what it sounds like:

All I need to do is either paint the handle or wrap it.