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Every year I take part on a Dads Dance for the school that my kids dance at. Each year, we are given costumes to wear. This year, we were able to choose our own costume for the last part of the dance. My friend Kenny came to me and asked if I could create for him a green goblin mask.

Challenge accepted.

Step 1 - Find a file I could work with. For this, I grabbed a pdo file located right on pepakura website. It was a good start.

I showed Kenny if it was good enough and I got the go ahead.

Step 2: I exported an obj file from the pdo, I was able to size the mask, and smooth it out for a more organic look. I also added depth to the structure so that it wouldn't print out paper thin.

Step 3: Send the mask to makeprintable.com to fix any problems that I may have missed (or more likely caused) and get the model ready for printing.

Step 4: Drop it on the build platform:

The gray area under the mask is my build area. So back into blender it goes and I needed to slice the mask up into 6 different parts.

Step 5: Start printing.

Step 6: Assembly

Step 7: Smooth the seams and spackle it so that they kind of disappear.

Step 8: Sand and Paint

Step 9: Eyes and Mouth

I didn't have molded glass or gold tint so I decided to paint screen door material gold to use on the eyes and black to use on the mouth.

Step 10: Make some teeth out of stock 22 gauge steel from Home Depot.

Step 11:Glue everything together.

Step 12: Airbrush for that final realistic look.

Just follow the ridge lines and crevices with the paint and this project is complete.

Time spent manipulating on Computer - 3 hours

Total print time - 45 Hours (mostly unattended)

Time spent finishing - 3 hours

End result speaks for itself. If I wasn't in a time crunch to complete this project, I would have lined the inside seams with fiber tape and bondo to really give it strength. Later.