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My wife wanted a loft bed for my son. After searching online (around $800) and measuring out the room, we found it tough to find a bed that would be tall enough so he can play under and have shelving that could be useful. In comes me with a bright idea, "Why don't I just build one?" Why not indeed.

Step 1 was to sketch up a plan and figure out all the parts I needed.

Step 2 was to get all the wood that I would need. A trip to HD and 300+ dollars later.

Step 3 was time to make all the pieces individually but separate enough that it could come apart.

Individual posts

Notched and ready for assembly

Foot board

Head board

Assembled Raw

Finished with minwax stain and poly all in one. Have to spray that stuff. No other way to get as wonderful a finish. I found using a brush gives less than desired results.

Under Bed Lighting - kind of makes it like a little hangout spot. They love it.