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OK, so here is my second piece of work. Defensor is based off of the box art so I used streetwise as an arm and First Aid as a leg. He stands at about 16 Inches give or take but he's really sturdy. I also attached the ladder to his back to further stabilize him and allow more articulation. All characters have been modded and are fully transformable. The characters are

1) Blades = Classic Blades
2) Streetwise = Classic Prowl
3) Hot Spot = RID Prime
4) First Aid = Animated Ratchet
5) Groove = Armada Sideways

-First Aid got a Head Modification and new arms
-Groove got a new head as well as more articulation

I'm sure there will be further changes to the individuals as I go along but I'd say he's almost there.

I know what you are thinking - Blades is too big. After beefing up Prowl, I can live with him.

*Special Thanks go to Sculpt-Bot for providing yet another great head mold.*

*** 11/01/08***
Added basic Chest plate. I don't have anything to dress it up with yet but I'm open for suggestions. I also gave him his duel cannons that attach behind his shoulders for storage.

*** 11/08/08***
First aid and Groove are done. Beefed up his waist. Need pointers on color.

*** 11/16/08***
First Coat of paint applied. A few touchups here and there needed but otherwise, I like it. Will take better pictures after final touchups.

*** 11/22/08***
A few touchups here and there done. Final pictures up. Think I have to give my wife and daughter a break for a while until Bruticus comes out. hopefully I'll get better at painting by then.