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Update** 12/30/08
Thanks go out to F_R for the wheel idea (as well as many more), Ptitvite and well, pretty much everyone who has and will give me advice regarding this guy. I know he's a little rough but that's what we're here for, to make him better. "We can rebuild him!"

Much like Megacyber, I'm looking to create an updated looking G1 Bruticus and attached are the figures I was thinking of using:
1) Blast Off = Classics Astrotrain
2) Vortex = action battlers Blackout
3) Brawl = Either Classics Galvatron or movie deluxe brawl
4) Swindle = ??? maybe transformers movie Landmine
5) Onslaught = Classics Onslaught

I'll use unicron's hands but that's about it. I need the board's help to get an idea if these transformers will fit together. I'm pretty sure that Onslaught is bigger compared to the rest but I was hoping not too big to blow them away

Update** 01/10/09
I think he's done. Many thanks go out to...well everyone. Thanks Sab for the shading idea, I hope it came close to what you were thinking about. I wasn't brave enough to rip apart the head and throw in the LED's but maybe in the future. Off to try my hand at Menasor.